Thursday, March 16, 2006

back from another day at the clinic. today tanya and i got to work with Dra. Myra...hence, we weren't bored out of our minds....sorry crista and hannah. So we saw a little girl with anemia, a man with a possible diagnosis of prostate cancer, a lady low on hormones (poor thing), a little boy who's parents don't even live here, they live in the US, but he had a broken arm that was set wrong TWICE! so sad, a lady who was super depressed and antsy, and a little boy with the flu. The people here are so thankful for a doctor that they can come to and not worry about paying too much. We work in a Catholic run clinic with about 8 Nuns. They call then "monkas" here. And they are some of the most interesting people i have met yet! The Nuns get donations from various people and then sell the drugs at a super super low price, like 13 U.S. cents for each pill! Just crazy! So many people here are malnurished and so many of there illnesses revolve around this fact.


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