Saturday, March 18, 2006

Disclaimer: many of the amazing pictures featured on this website have been taken by my best friend in the world: HANNAH BETH CARLSON. Thank you Hannah...(but i did take some of them too).
- The next picture you will see is of Jenny and I. Jenny is one of the 29 girls that lives in the orphange that is run by the same Nuns that run our Clinicin Chimaltenango. The orphanage and the clinic are on the same property along with a school. Jenny has downs syndrome. Jenny is very heavy. Jenny beat me up.

-you may think it's funny, but im not the first! She started with Kala the first time we were ever there...then Crista, then me and she tried to pull Hannah's ear off. All that said, Jenny really is a sweatheart, she just gets over-stimulated sometimes. As we have been at the clinic now for 2 full weeks, we have finished our duties in the pharmacy..which included restocking, taking inventory and entering all the new data into a computer. It was long and boring but it was good to see our finished product. The Nuns really appriciated it,as did Myra.
-Dra. Myra has two kids; Victor who is 12 and Rita is 9. They are sooo precious! Myra is dating a guy named Moises. Myra has had a rough life starting in med-school and continuing into her marriage..which has ended in a seperation of her and her husband. they aren't divorced...thats a whole different story. Anyway,Moises and Myra are so cute together....
We caused Myra's car to fall apart however...having to take 4 extra people in a tiny car 40 minutes away 5 days a week did some damage to her car..her clutch is now ruined...


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