Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The past week and a half have been hard and tiring. We started our ministry sites last week on Monday and things have not slowed down since then. Me, Hannah, Crista and Tanya go every week-day to Chimaltenango, a town about 40 minutes from Antigua, to our medical clinic. We get there at about 8 everyday..depending on how much time we hang out at Myra's house before we leave (the doctora we are working under, she's Amazing!). We work there from 8 'til 12:30 and then she heads out for her other clinic and we stick around in Chimaltenango for another 3 hours. Today we got to go help the girls who live in the orphanage that is affiliated with our clinic. The clinic was donated and built by some old rich Italians and they also built a school and an all girls orphanage along with it. It's all inclosed and is on a beautiful forested piece of land.


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