Friday, March 17, 2006

today we spent our day at the clinic in Chimaltenango. But before we got to go we went to the Centro de Salud (Health Center) with Dra. Myra. She was asked to give a talk to the diabetes patients that frequently come to the clinic. She was so cute! There were all these old people there just so un-educated about their own´s so sad! So we spent about and hour and a half there just hanging out and talking about what diabetes is and what you should and should not eat..and these are people who have had diabetes for years, just finally coming in to figure out what they maybe should do about, things sure are different here. On a happier note, our taxi driver for the past week is named Ceasar Agustus. not kidding you....he´s about 60 years old, has 11 kids, 26 grandchildren, and 2 great grand children...not to mention his youngest son is 16. so we laughed at him all day yesterday becuase it was the "ides of march" when Ceasar was killed...he didn´t get it but he laughed with us anyway.

- So back to the clinic...we got to the clinic in Chimaltenango about 2 hours late and the nuns told all the patients to leave..haha. So we only got to see about 4 patients lady who was 36 hadn´t had a period in 5 years..because she has been on a birth-control shot that you are supposed to use 3 times....she has used it every 3 months for FIVE years..(sorry for those of you who did not want to hear about this...) it´s so sad because now she is having extreme stomach pain and can´t walk without being slouched over...she thinks she might be pregnant because she stopped taking them 4 months ago, but Myra thinks it´s just because she hasn´t had a period in 5 years...hmm. The reason she was on it for 5 years is becuase the health care provider that she went to (funded by the government) told her it was ok to take them for as long as she needed to, but they really just don´t want women to have so many Guatemala has the highest fertility rate in all of Latin America.
After we saw the huge amount of patients, we decided we would go sit on the roof. so we climbed on up the ladder to the very top level of the roof. it was soooo hot and wonderful. Hannah and i took off our pants and shirt and spent the rest of the day basking in the sun in our underwear and bra...on top of the you think thats wrong?? :)


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